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Project Veritas, has struck again without mercy:
CNN's technical director, Charlie Chester, talks about controlled propaganda, political influence, and stoking fear.

Chester's statements are so unequivocal that CNN actually has its back against the wall and is in massive trouble explaining itself.

This leak is big - it could destroy viewer confidence in CNN's integrity forever.

Original post by Project Veritas

"I have a PhD in virology and immunology. I am a scientist in a clinical laboratory and I have examined 1,500 samples here in Southern California that tested positive as Covid 19. When my lab team and I examined the samples using Koch's postulates and scanned them under an electron microscope, we did not find Covid 19 in any of those 1,500 samples. In contrast, we were able to detect influenza A virus in most of all of those 1,500 samples and influenza B virus in the rest. We did not find Covid 19 virus in a single sample, and we did not use the BS-PCR assay to do so. We used the polymerase chain reaction test. Cilia Faber (?) has done very good research on this and I gave her an interview. There are videos about it on her channel.

We then sent the sample residues to Stanford, Cornell, and Southern California Universities, and they got the same results that we did. NO COVID.
They only found influenza A and influenza B. We then all talked to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and asked for viable samples of covid. The CDC then said it couldn't because it didn't have such samples.

So now, based on our extensive laboratory testing, we have come to the firm conclusion that COVID 19 was invented and is fictitious. The flu was renamed Covid and most of the 225,000 who died had pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, emphysema, etc. Then when they got the flu on top of that, it further weakened their immune system and then they died.

I have yet to receive a single sample that had a viable Covid 19 virus in it that we could have worked with. We, the 7 universities that did the testing on the 1,500 samples, are now suing the CDC for Covid 19 fraud. The CDC has to this day owed it to us to provide us with a single, viable, purified sample of Covid 19 virus. If they don't send us a sample or say they can't, then I say COVID 19 DOES NOT EXIST and THAT IT IS FOUND AND FICTIONAL.

The 4 research reports describing the Covid 19 genome excerpt have never been successful in isolating the virus. They all describe only small sections of RNA that are only 30 to 35 base pairs in length. THESE ARE NOT VIRUSES. A virus typically has 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs.

So as bad as Covid supposedly is, and it is scattered all over the world, why is it that no one in any of the labs around the world has yet managed to isolate and purify the Covid 19 virus as a whole? It can only be because they haven't found the virus yet, only small RNA segments that can't be identified as a virus anyway. So we are just dealing with another wave of influenza. COVID 19 SIMPLY DOESN'T EXIST AND IS FICTITIOUS."


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