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Atheist Question for Oct 29th: "Matthew 22:39 commands 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' but in 1st Corinthians 5:13 it says to 'Remove the wicked man from among yourselves.' It is pretty easy to love your neighbor if you make sure none of your neighbors are someone you don't like. What sort of God are you following anyway?"

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October 27th Atheist Challenge: "God Is Incompetent. God created Adam in his own image, so he must have been perfect. How then, could he have sinned? Regardless of how much free will he had, if he chose to sin, he wasn't perfect."

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Atheist Question for October 25th. "The Bible says that God and Satan are one and the same. 2 Samuel 24:1 says God incited David, and 1 Chronicles 21:1 says Satan did. Who or what exactly are you worshipping?"

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October 23 Atheist Question: "Jesus is not a Ruler or King. Luke 1:33 'Jesus will rule over the house of Jacob, forever.' Forever? Really? Historically, when has Jesus ever ruled over the Jews?"

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October 21st Skeptic Question "Jesus contradicts himself. In Matthew 7:1-2 we are told not to judge, but in Matthew 7:15-20 instructions are given for how to go about judging. Which is it?"

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