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August 11th Atheist Attack: Miracles are impossible. The simplest reason that miracles are unlikely to happen anywhere under any conditions derives from the fact that miracles are never observed under controlled conditions. This is not conclusive proof that a miracle cannot ever happen or that a miracle could not have happened in antiquity, but it is proof that the existence of all miracles is very improbable. This is because the "sample size" (the number of attempted experiments) is huge without ever producing a single success. The math behind this reasoning is uncontroversial. The only possible arguments are that the supernatural agents behind these miracles resist testing or that there is a grand conspiracy among scientists to suppress the truth about miracles. The supernatural only seems to lurk in superstition and sloppy reasoning. When the experiment is well designed natural causes always win out. After all of this experience, an explanation involving natural cause and effect becomes like a racehorse that has won every race for the last 500 years. One would be a fool to bet against that horse without very reliable information.

What is the best way to respond to this argument?

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August 9th Atheist Attack: What makes you think it is possible to know the truth?

What is the answer to this question?

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August 7th Atheist Attack: "All Rich People go to Hell: Mark 10:25 Jesus said: 'It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.' If you are rich, do you perceive that Jesus lied? If you are not rich, do you think this is really fair?"

What would be the most effective response to this?

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August 5th Atheist Attack: "God is not just. It makes no sense for Jesus to be executed for the sins of other people. No real judge would allow such a thing."

What is our best response to this attack?

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Atheist Question for August 3rd: "2 Samuel 8:4 says David captured 700 horsemen or 1,700 depending on the English translation version. 1 Chronicles 18:4, talking about the same event, says he captured 7,000. How can you put your faith in such inconsistency?"

How can we best answer this question?

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