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Jan 16th Challenge from Professor Peter Polite: "Jesus was created. Colossians 1:15 'Christ is the image of the invisible God, the First-Born of all creation.' If God created Jesus, then Jesus, even as a son, cannot be God, unless God only amounts to a changing, assumed position of authority, like Kings and Presidents. What God creates cannot be Himself. What is identical to God cannot actually be God."

What is our best response to this challenge?

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Jan 14th Atheist Challenge from Henry Hedonist: "Christianity is just one false myth among many. Mithra was a Persian sun god. He belonged to an ancient and widespread collection of sun gods (along with Horus, Dionysus, Krishna, Tammuz, Serapis and Jesus) who all shared common mythical features: they were born on December 25th from a virgin mother, preached compassion, healed the sick, died and resurrected, and saved the world. Mithra is the main figure from which the Jesus myth was built."

What is our best response here?

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January 12th Challenge from Dr. Angry Atheist: "If you cannot tell me how you might come to know you are wrong about God and Christianity, then you have a blind, unreasonable, foolish faith. It is called the 'principle of falsifiability.' Any idea or claim without that quality or attribute is just a fairy tale that people believe because they want to."

His condescension is impolite, but there is no error in his thinking here. If I don't know how I could be wrong, then I also don't really know how I am right, and am just believing because I want to. How can we respond to this challenge?

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