Does anyone have any prayer request today?

Dear Heavenly Father please help people to start marrying and have God fearing marriages and have families again and raise their kids to be God fearing and Godly and to serve You.. Lord please do not let elite plan to destroy the family unit work and we give all the honor, glory and praise to whom all power belongs. In Jesus Holy Name Amen.

Dear heavenly father please fill Your church with the holy Spirit and help us to reach those who need to know your son Jesus as their Lord and Savior, please help the body of Christ to teach the gospel fully and we give you all the honor glory and praise to whom all power belongs in Jesus holy name Amen.

Dear Heavenly Holy Father Please bring our Nation and nations back to be a God fearing Nation after Your own Heart and help us to spread the gospel and worship and praise your Holy Name, raise up righteous leaders and remove leaders from our government that you don't want there, raise leaders who will follow Your will and not their own and glorify You and Lord please restore people God given rights and freedom that only come from You and we give you all the honor, glory and praise to whom it all belongs and who reigns for ever and ever more. In Jesus Holy Name We Pray Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, please put your healing hand on those who are sick through out the world ad heal them with your amazing healing touch, and please help to clear the virus and bring people back to You God for You are King of Kings and Lord and Lord and may we blessing on to others for You and we give You all the Honor Glory and praise to You. In Jesus Holy name we pray, Amen.


A Group to study the bible and pray for one another and encourage one another in walk and faith with Jesus Christ As our Lord and Savior. Please feel free to share group with your friends and please feel free to post words of encouragement.