Finished LG Westlake's "Calculated Encounters" around 2 a.m. Wow. A non-stop thrill ride with an amateur sleuth who was a forensics account with Huston PD. WELL she is in trouble from Day One when for the second time she partners up with Jay (Jacob) to take down a mob. In Italy. At every turn, things go awry. A great Christian romantic suspense. Read book number 1, Calculated Risk beforehand. Excellent reads.

I re-read Jane Daly's book, "Broken," such a great Christian fiction, and I see there is a sequel coming soon. Worth reading twice.

almost halfway through a new novel, "Glass Slipper," sequel to the Whiskey River series, "Romance Under Wraps," and cover attached. Forensics/Police Procedural/rural. If you haven't read RUW, jump in.


Change in cover. Not 1000% sure it will be thoroughly this but way closer to what I want to see. "Rules of Engagement." Globa. Disaster.


"Rules of Engagement," a THRILLER/INTRIGUE is on Amazon: kindle KU and paperback. If you like soldiers, combat, light romance and intrigue, pick up Rules of Engagement.
He's an Egyptian-American, a Christian. She's an agnostic scientist. He's a hardened man. She's his match - only no one actually told him what he was up against when he was required to do protective duty.
A global pandemic (loosely based on true stories from 2014 to the present) is about to decimate the world. Both have to overcome trust issues and those out to kill them to find who is behind it. And how to stop it. Combat scenes are definitely part of the plot, so buckle those seat belts!



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