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Congratulations to Bill Schmidt, new Connecticut state chapter president as of September 11, 2021. Pictured are outgoing president Dana Petkaitis administering the oath to incoming president Bill
Schmidt, and a congratulatory handshake between the two of them.


Today is September 11th, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Many were killed, and many other lives were irrevocably changed. Please remember those who perished that day, their families, and those who have died in the years following. This includes Benghazi, September 11, 2012, where Ambassador Stevens and several members of a diplomatic security detail were also murdered, abandoned by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, when they were begging for assistance. God bless the victims and their families, and God bless America. Never forget who it was that attacked us, and the enemies within who abandoned those in Benghazi. Please remember to pray for our troops who have been serving and sacrificing ever since that day. And pray for those citizens and allies still in Afghanistan, abandoned by President Biden.

This garbage that Biden was pushing in his speech tonight, trying to dictate what private businesses must do, and how to conduct business, is complete crap. He has no authority and his dictates are completely unconstitutional.

I will be resigning my position as Connecticut Chapter President of Oath Keepers, effective September 11th, 2021. It has been an honor to serve as president these past years. Bill Schmidt will be the new state chapter president effective that date. Bill will be sworn in at the Patriot Picnic in Enfield on September 11th.

Bill is a Marine veteran, a Connecticut Oath Keeper, and a true patriot who brings with him leadership experience in veterans organizations. I have full faith in his ability to lead the state chapter into the future.

Oath Keepers and patriots are invited to the annual patriot picnic hosted by Steve Laplante in Enfield at the usual location. PM us for the address if you need it. Picnic begins at noon. Burgers and hot dogs will be provided, and the rest is potluck, so feel free to bring a dish. A swimming pool will be open.

We look forward to seeing you there and to welcome Bill as the new state chapter leader.

Dana Petkaitis
Oath Keepers Connecticut Chapter President

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