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Emergency Home Preparation
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COOKING WITHOUT ELECTRIC. Lots of options for when the power goes out. There's a lot of store bought ideas and home-made ideas. Look what we found here: https://emergencyhomeprep.foru....motion.com/f67-alter


KEEPING CALM. Easier said than done. It's a crazy world out there. Here's some info we've found on coping and keeping sane during trying times: https://emergencyhomeprep.foru....motion.com/t1118-men


FOOD STORAGE. How much do you need to put away? There's a lot of advice out there. Look what we've found here: https://emergencyhomeprep.foru....motion.com/t494-how-

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  • EHP is a 'Card Catalog' of resources to help the public get educated about being prepared for emergencies of all types. We offer two preparedness forums:
    (1) Information Only site: www.EmergencyHomePreparation.org
    (2) go to www.EmergencyHomePrep.Forumotion.com to join our Discussion Community. It includes ALL the SAME prep info as the Non-Discussion site, but with community conversation & chit-chat.