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Signs of the Times We Live In
Grown man who identifies as a baby gets kicked out of childrens' park.

Do a search for the words "Christian Political Cyrus" and I believe that you will find out about a transformed and greatly improved America of the not-too-distant future; frankly within ten years!!!!

Your words to Gods Ears.

But did you ever see an episode of the TV show Scared straight? Where the fear of what punishments could happen, at least temporarily scares those teenaged occupants into changing their own lives for the better? Or how many times the whole suffering Christian world believing Armageddon and the return of Christ was just around the corner, were scared enough into fighting for the reclamation of theirs? Sometimes looking back at your path, the one you just came down, gives you a clear view and a learned course for an easier one ahead. But sadly, not all people will use the safer/obvious paths most traveled.

The King Cyrus Anointing of Trump

The King Cyrus ‘anointing’ of Trump - Eternity News

The King Cyrus ‘anointing’ of Trump - Eternity News

Does the Bible point to the leader of the USA as God’s special choice?

Women Fighting for America- Christie Hutcherson
September 18, 2022

WARNING: Graphic images

SHOCKING news from the US-Mexican border. America MUST step up and fight. This video will blow your mind. If this video doesn't make America step up and stand up for America, our nation is DOOMED.


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