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Daily prophetic Word - 22nd of July 2021

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The below email was in my email box this morning from a dear sister in Christ.
I requested to share it and just recently received an OK for doing that. I pray that the contents of the email elates you beyond measure and steadies your faith in the Rapture happening so very soon.
Come Up Here. Soon We will Hear Those Words.
Genevieve Brazel
Tue 7/13/2021 11:53 PM
Dear sister Edith, The Lord is so wonderful. I know this will encourage you while we wait for our King. Last night I heard the Lord randomly tell me to look for a song called Come Up Here", so I searched for that song, and lo and behold, look what came up. Sister I've never heard of this song, and so I listened to it with tears in my eyes just so mesmerized and amazed at how the Lord continues to encourage us as we wait.
Of course the song itself is so beautiful that as I listened to it I was being reminded of how close we are to going home. For the Lord to specifically tell me to look up those words and then this comes up, and I never even knew that such a song existed it's so clear that he is saying that it's almost time. Hallelujah. I will put the link for this song down the bottom.
But what's even more awesome is during prayer yesterday my 14 year old daughter Savannah received an encouraging word and vision from the Lord. It was a Vision of trumpets and an encouraging word to go with it. Her vision and message is below.
Come Up Here Song.

Savannahs word from the Lord.
"The Lord showed me three shining, gold, trumpets and then he said the many trumpets of the angels are about to sound to sound my return to come and rescue all my precious children that I love so much. And bring them up to heaven. The rapture is sooner than anyone on earth thinks it is."
Key words in Savannahs message "The Rapture Is Sooner Than Anyone On Earth Thinks It Is". Hallelujah, come even so Lord Jesus. Let's get excited because we are almost home. It's so awesome how Savannahs vision and message correlates with the song the Lord gave me, as it's regarding the rapture and us going home, woohoo. Love you sister Edith.
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Please heed well, this entry. If you are alone it is advisable to join with other family or others who are also not getting the v. And it is important to keep low key, along with having armed protection. This is because others in the same position as you are will be trying to steal your food and other supplies. If you can get out in the country and have some mean looking dogs that raise a ruckus in barking at intruders, this would be good.

Info given by Melissa:
Warnings are to buy food and water by Sept. 1st. This date has been released as a date when they will enforce vxn proof in order for you to buy or sell. Also, my job said I had until Sept 1st to be full vxd or lose my job. So please spend your money wisely on food, water, a form of protection , heating source like candles, terracotta pots....those 2 things will heat a whole room. Buy extra blankets. Holy Spirit has warned me that Fall time will not be good for any true believer. We also may not be able to meet any longer on FB. Remember, this thing is the mark. It will be required to buy or sell. We are also buying a little propane grill to cook on.

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The First Flight ✈️ Is About To Leave. 888 and 717. God Is Speaking. The Bride Is Leaving.
May 17, 2021
Genevieve Brazel
All Glory and Honour and Praise to our soon coming King. in this video I share absolutely phenomenal things the Lord has shown me regarding this timeframe we are in, and also regarding other aspects relating to us going home. The Lord spoke a word to me and that word I believe is also for the Bride of Christ. "The first flight is about to leave and you are on that first flight."
Then the Lord gave me some amazing parallels to a very prophetic movie from 2004, and it will blow your mind what he showed me. Family buckle up and get super super excited. We are about to fly into the sky. Jesus is coming to take us home.


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