Anybody else in Mississippi? How bout everyone post your state or area so we can see whose close to us.

Some of my roosters trying to figure out whose boss!


Since everyone's had a lot of stress and anxiety over the election this past week, I wanted to post some fun chicken pics. This happened after my three-year-old left the front door to our house open. My chickens are all free ranged and thought they should come in the house too!!


Hi! I have been keeping chickens for 7 years now. Recently, we were going to raise just Giant Jerseys but none of our girls went broody and our roo had a stroke! We were recently given a group of young hens and two roo (jave no idea what kind of roos and the hens are multiple kinds)...Finally one of my older girls decided to go broody and we had a chick hatching this week! Hubby text me this morning. The chick died :-( there's at least 1 more of the 5 other eggs that looked pretty full when I candled them last hopefully we still have a chance for a live chick!

Finally got a few new baby ducks and im starting over. We'll see how it goes!


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