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"A year ago exactly today, my soul was in heaven while my body was on life support. Please know that the Lord wants me to spread his Grace, love, and my story. On August 2, 2019, all four of my wisdom teeth were removed routinely. I had a premonition on the way to the clinic that day, that I was going to die. That was on a Friday. Throughout the weekend and without any antibiotics I became severally swollen on one side of my face, jaw, and neck. My throat also became severely swollen. My Mom was giving me the medications they did prescribe and we followed my after care instructions provided. I wasn’t having any relief.

By Monday morning, August 5, 2019, the swelling and the pain had become unbearable. My Mom called my dental clinic and informed them of my condition. She was reminded I had all four wisdom teeth removed and it was normal, however, offered us an appointment that day, several hours later. We went. I started having a difficult time breathing at this time. I was examined and was told I needed to go to the hospital for a facial drain.

We were never told this was a potential life or death situation. The dentist made us think I was JUST going to get my face drained and then I’d be home that same day. On the way to the hospital my airways started closing up and my Mom was trying so hard to stay calm as I told her I was about to die. We get to the hospital, and after tests were done, within minutes, I was placed on life support. My Mother was informed I was in critical condition with a life threatening infection, called Ludwig Angina.

Something went terribly wrong with my wisdom teeth being removed. I also needed emergency surgery. The doctors at the hospital told my Mom I probably needed to be care flighted out to a different hospital. She ran out the hospital doors, screaming, crying, and pleaded with God in the hospital parking lot to save me.

At this time, my soul was in heaven. I could actually see my Mom out in that parking lot praying the best way she knew how to. She was desperately pleading with God.

The Lord then shows my Mother as soon as she went back inside the hospital that there in fact was a doctor there to help me. What a miracle! Dr. Daniel Dugan! He immediately did surgery on me. I actually saw my body from above. I saw my surgery preformed.

Two days later, the hospital tried to turn down my life support but I wasn’t ready. I still wasn’t breathing on my own right. I was on life support for three days.

How long was I in heaven? I really wish I knew. Was it 10 minutes, one day, three days? You see, in heaven, there isn’t any time. Everything is perfect. The temperature isn’t hot or cold. Everyone loves each other. There’s no judgment in heaven. There’s no illnesses or disabilities in heaven. There’s no racism in heaven. I was surrounded by pure peace and pure love. It’s hard to put everything into words or explanation.

I first was in a dark tunnel and an angel appeared. The angel was golden and was so beautiful. I saw this bright light and it was light glory shinning down on me. Then, I saw golden gates, they opened, and yes, I went through the gates with the angel. I immediately saw angels that I did know and angels that I didn’t know.

I saw my Grandma and great Grandma who had previously passed on. I saw a tall crystal blue waterfall with an unknown but pleasant sound flowing from it. I heard angels singing peacefully. They were welcoming me home.

I just know I was surrounded by Jesus. His love is pure. Jesus was wearing a long white robe. His eyes are so unforgettable, like crystal blue in color, breathtaking too. On earth I’m deaf in my left ear, but in heaven, Jesus allowed me to hear out of both of my ears and hear the most beautiful sounds ever!

He allowed me to see my body from above and the medical team working on me. He also allowed me to see people from around the world praying for me. Then he put his soft gentle hands on my shoulder and said son, I’m not ready for you just yet. Your Mom needs you. Then I felt this strong and forceful wind push me back to my body and my soul was then reconnected to my body.

My family was traumatized this day. My Mom called my Grandmother to come to the hospital and as soon as she saw me on life support, my family knew something was wrong with her. She too, was admitted into the same hospital. She had a stroke. I can’t imagine what my family went through but I can tell you this, the Lord chose that day, time, and situation to change me physically, it saved my Mother spiritually, and it’s shown people around the world that there is a God, there is a heaven. "

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