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II Timothy 1:7 "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind."
- Pray, say this verse out loud 5 times. Do this slowly with 4-5 seconds between words.
- Do this meditation prayer for 4 consecutive days. This will create enough neurons to start creating a new neuron cluster in your long-term memory.
- Do this for 5 weeks and your this neuron clusters will become strong enough to compete with other chatter thoughts competing for your- conscious attention.
- It can be so strong that your unconscious mind will start moving towards this verse and away from out toxic thoughts.
- with this strength that you give your brain - healthy neurotransmitters will begin to hold sway over other toxic thoughts
- do this verse every time you walk room-to-room, as you walk through each doorway -.and this will focus your will mindfully on this message of this verse - and your attention will be directed in a positive and loving way as you walk into each room
- about week 3 you will begin to become consciously, immediately aware as this verse works its way from your unconscious to your conscious mindful part of your brain - an AHA moment‼️
- about week 5 this message will jump ahead of your conscious thought into your anticipation, part of your working immediately, and mindfully mold all toxic thoughts to change into healthy path into the future and your immediate actions.
- keep seeking for this verse in your anticipation, working memory and you see your life move into the future you are seeking

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  • Start each day by igniting your brain so it can GROW more depth and healthier
    - say out loud and commit with your mouth "God loves me"
    #MBBf #Shoreline-Murray #mindfulrenewal

    This will not only igniters your brain but can also change your life -forever. Each time you say out loud "God Loves Me" you turn a toxic dialog/situation by yourself or others - into a health dialog by #SayGodLovesMe and create "bright side" health neurotransmitter chemicals to build up and grow your brain in a healthy and l