SADLY, Greater Idaho was removed from FaceBook (big surprise) and everyone associated with it I suspect all? that would be 11.4k ppl are in a short period of FB jail. Find the regular Greater Idaho page here as well as MeWe.

#greateridaho YAY, was able to up my donation to $20 until after the New Year, at which time it will go up to $50/month. Hoping folks get on board with that. They are starting Nationwide since the Glenn Beck show!

#greateridaho warning to FB friends. Get onto, Parler, Me.We for Greater Idaho because this JUST happened without warning on FB: Rose Renfroe: WARNING III% ADMINS PERSONAL FB PAGES DISABLED NOW!
In a sweeping move to Directly Interfere with the upcoming election FB is removing III% pages, groups, and the Personal FB pages of the Admins of groups and pages that support the Second Amendment!

#greateridaho you can now donate - I am not doing much til our HVAC is paid off, but here is the site. After
Glenn Beck







etc, even tho they had some information wrong, we got a lot of PR!

3 counties have made the Nov ballot. Now THAT's awesome -- and that's before the judge's decision on our petition request. COVID was idiotic and stopped our ability to collect sigs. This is our second round in court. The judge is an idiot but then again, what can we expect from a dem? Awaiting his decision again. The GOOD news is 1. we have no numbers of times to submit and argue in court. 2. We now are getting donations from across the nation, and we have the ability to collect donations. I've set up a monthly one for $5.00 and... 3. We've been on CNN, FOX, Glenn Beck, in the papers, online and paper, across the state, Idaho, the local tv stations, podcasts. And THAT is how you get your grass movement going !


Writing a petition for GREATER IDAHO -- Oregon's Democrats and Republicans are at odds and our votes are split nearly even. Urban and Rural Oregon depend on each other however it is at a breaking point. This change would be amenable to all, legal, and minimal voting change. There are benefits for both sides, including but not limited to the environment. A 'YES' vote means it will be sent to the Oregon legislature only (because it is not secession) and a 'NO' vote means it will not. This would include Southern and Eastern Oregon as well as Northern California.