YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE (1:28)? An epic, educational cruise/tour that includes Egypt, Israel, Greece and Turkey. All-inclusive. 5-star rated — “Footsteps of Paul, Timothy, Luke, John and Jesus.” Nov 2020...The website has more videos, the itinerary, cost and reviews --

FINDING the MOUNTAIN of MOSES: The Real Mt. Sinai -- Groundbreaking information and intriguing evidence that just might change the way you view that period of human history (worth your time to watch this video).

Toward the end of the video you will meet my dear friend, Robert Cornuke.

LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE? We already have 40 people ready to go on the epic tour/cruise that includes Egypt, Israel, Greece, Ephesus, Rhodes, Cyprus and so much more (Nov. 3-14, 202. Are you in? —


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HUGE, EPIC ALL-INCLUSIVE CRUISE/TOUR -- Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Rhodes, Cyprus...don't miss the boat! We are flying directly into Thessaloniki, spending 3 days in the north. Then we hang out in Athens, Corinth, Mars Hill and the Acropolis. They we head out on a 7-day cruise.

Space is limited. Not sure I can ever top a tour like this! Contact me right away.

Check out the website for videos, itinerary, cost, reviews and much more. cell: 410-991-9718. It's time.


THIS SNL SKIT IS SO HILARIOUS it had me crying with laughter. Take the next few minutes. Enjoy.

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3-CONTINENT CRUISE & TOUR -- An epic 5-star rated, all-inclusive, educational 3-Continent cruise/tour ( Nov 3-14, 2020 ) --

Egypt. Israel. Greece. Turkey. Athens. Corinth. Ephesus. Acropolis. Mars Hill. Rhodes. Cyprus. Cairo. Alexandria. Jerusalem. And so much more...footsteps of Paul, John, Timothy, Luke and Jesus.

See the smiles? Notice the diversity? Can you feel the camaraderie, the mischief and the sense of adventure?

This is a Freeman Institute tour.

Contact me if you know of anyone interested in going on this tour.

RAVE REVIEWS: "The trip was conducted with a great deal of thought and planning that far exceeding my expectations. I am still amazed by how well this trip went. The value we received from this trip far outweighed the cost. All of the sites were my favorite because they had their own story which was fascinating and breathtaking to me. An meaningful trip that everyone should experience." - Marcus B.

And when you call, ask for the three reasons why a 3-continent cruise/tour with Freeman Institute tours is different from all the others — Cell: 410-991-9718

WHAT'S COVERED? Check out the website for the astonishing response to that question —

It’s time.



CRUISE/TOUR: FOOTSTEPS of PAUL, JOHN, LUKE and TIMOTHY — We offer a 5-star rated, all-inclusive educational tour of Greece and the surrounding region of this part of the world every 18 months.

In the Fall 2020 we are offering an epic 3-continent tour that includes: Greece, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Rhodes and more.

These tours make the Bible come alive...while surrounded by a merry band of adventurers.

It’s time.

Check out the website and the call me with any questions (410-991-9718) —