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It is coming up to the weekend of Resurrection Day and I wanted to post a song that tells the story of Jesus' conversation with the Father on the cross.

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When Jesus Christ was on the cross His Love (blood) fell upon the roses (us). Praise You Jesus for Your love for us. Original song by Bobby Ewbank in the album entitled Jesus Lives. www.heirsofsalvation.org

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Give your burdens up to Jesus.

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When you hear about Jesus your heart is changed.

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A public domain song that we edited and published. Pastors Bobby and Peggy Ewbank.

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    We are under the ministry of Jesus Christ and He sets the pace for our ministry. There is only one thing that can equip you for ministry and that is being with Jesus and being filled with the Holy Ghost. The songs that the Holy Spirit has given to us to sing for you is a sum total of what the Lord has called us to do. Sing and preach His word to all the world. Thank you, Jesus. www. Heirsofsalvation.org