We are building local groups to have a 2 prong attack. one within the RNC and one with Trump's new super pack. Let's go RINO hunting

What a crazy world!! I still would like all of you to make an account on the patriot network. Parler and twitter are down. Another good one is gab.com.
You can find me on both under my real name :-)

I found the best new social network yet! Everybody should get a free account there ( if nothing else, it's good to have a back-up). Look how difficult it is to get everybody back together in one group after FB deleted most of us! Yes, it is a pain to try to find the best replacement for FB, but we need to do it if we want to continue any patriot work for our country!
You can find me there under my old (real) FB name Sven Rottkey.
BTW: Currently I am back on FB under Swain Thor, trying to recruit PATRIOTS!



ACTIVE is the key word here!
We expect all members to participate in this group. You need to answer all roll calls and check on postings and events weekly or more. We don't want a large but lethargic morbidly sluggish or drowsy; dull; torpid group. There are already plenty of those out there! Trust me, I know LOL.
Ask your Florida friends to join here if they are patriots and have a positive attitude. No TROLLS!
Your comments are much appreciated!