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Fauci funded 60 projects at the communist Chinese military Wuhan Institute of Virology

The Bible says to Condemn Fauci, Obama and Biden for treason and murder for paying for Covid to be made by communist China. Deuteronomy 25:1

STAND UP: PRESIDENT TRUMP IS PRESIDENT. Biden is a fraud. Audits prove it. #americafirst

Honest Nurse Exposes the Cover Up of Covid Shots Causing Deaths, Heart Failures...

God Says: Condemn Fauci, Obama, Biden, CDC, FDA, HHS, and corrupt Doctors, Nurses amd Hospitals and Shot Pushers for Murder. Deuteronomy 25:1

The Covid shot deaths and injuries are being hid. Medical staff are told not to report shot injuries/deaths. Almost no one writes the VAERS report because it takes a half hour to write.

I love America, because the Constitution says "We the People" have the power.


Iraq War Veteran Confronts George W. Bush for lying about WMDs and killing people

The Bush's are RINOs and globalists who harmed America.

God says Condemn Democrats and RINOs. Deuteronomy 25:1

STAND UP: President Trump Is President. Biden is a fruad. Audits prove it. #americafirst


America is #1. Join us to celebrate!