They call it the "Man Code."

All men are born with a code-a collection of rules about the way they're supposed to act in front of other guys and present themselves to the world.
Family and schools teach the Man Code early in life, but unfortunately, the culturally influenced Man Code doesn't serve the average guy very well. Because men are born with a sinful nature, this leaves them unprotected and on an island in a very dangerous and difficult world.

In Cracking the Man Code, authors Pete McKenzie and Phil Van Horn show you how God has a plan to transform you into His image through an intimate and abiding relationship with Jesus. They help you identify the old Man Code way of life and present ideas on how you can become the Man of God that He created you to be.

If you don't think you're up to the task, the authors point out that Jesus intentionally chose common, socially unimportant, and marginalized men to turn the world right-side-up. He is still doing that today. You see, Jesus often prefers availability instead of capability.

Perhaps He is calling you to start, grow, or renew a relationship with Him right now. If so, then you're ready to crack the Man Code and become a Man of God today.

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