Kevin Sorbo
Where were you summer of 2020? When actual riots were being incited?

Kenny Akers: Let's say Obama ‘incited’ the Jan. 6 riots, and it was BLM and a bunch of black folks all up in the capitol — That case would have been sealed shut with everyone convicted and every last black American that wasn't there on the FBI watch list.

These are the same kids that know their gender.


In 2024 the academy awards will only nominate films that have a certain percentage of cast/crew of “underrepresented groups.”

Please tell me how these groups are “underrepresented” when they are in 90% of the media currently.

At what point can we finally say they are properly represented?

Hey Gavin Newsom if California is so great, why are your in-laws donating to DeSantis while living in Florida?

The left doesn’t care about the border, they don’t care about veterans, they don’t care about the economy, but they sure love killing babies.


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