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Falkirk Center - equipping courageous champions to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ.

We are joined by Ryan Helfenbein Executive Director of Falkirk Center in Liberty University whose mission is to equip courageous champions to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ, to advance his kingdom and American freedom.

#PolesForTrump2020 - free Poles support Free World President, second Ronald Reagan, opponent of the Evil Empire - Donald Trump in the US presidential election in autumn 2020.

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain - the source of US power is their foundation - resisting and trusting God and His Word.

#KeepAmericaGreat - only biblical Christians in the White House can preserve the grandeur and greatness of the United States.


Poland has sympathy for the USA among European countries, and over 50% of Poles support Donald Trump!

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Is your church run by globalist sympathizers? TAKE THE TEST. Listen to this sermons and see if you can spot some of the signs.

1) "How to drive the Globalists out of our Churches?":

2) "The Communists Want to Subvert You!":

3) "State idolatry":

4) "Globalism: How Does God See It":

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"Climate change is not caused by humans. There is no climate emergency." - Guus Berkhout

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Why do the Poles love America?

We asked Marian Kowalski - President of November 11th Movement political party, Pastor Pawel Chojecki - Editor in Chief of Go Against the Tide TV, Dr. Olgierd Kaltenberg our commentator and friend from US, Jacek Drabik - Polish-Amercian Citizen Biblical Group Chicago and Ivan Belostenko - our editorial member, commentator, Polish patriot and a Messianic Jew.

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