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My wife wea telling me about this interview she heard. Seems some guy was in a terrible accident. He died for 6 minutes but the doctors were able to bring him back. They told him he'd never walk again. The thing is, he made a miraculous recovery by using this affirmation a sports coach once taught him.

He called it a 5 minute rule. It goes like this. When something bad happens, you can be angry or pissed for 5 minutes. Then you have to let it go. You do this by telling yourself over and over again, "I can't change it."

Funny thing. Telling yourself, "I can't change it" may help you get over your anger. But when you keep repeating "I can't change it" over and over again, your subconscious, hears, "I can change it."

You see, a VERY important point to remember when creating affirmations or mantras is the fact that the subconscious mind ignores all negatives. In this case, "I can't change it" is heard as "I can change it."

Maybe that's why his 5 minute rule worked so well.

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