Question: At what stage does the law of attraction work?

Yes, it is true the Law of Attraction is working all the time. But a lot of time — very often — when people are talking about when the Law of Attraction is working; they mean big noticeable instances that seem too coincidental to be within the normal realm of events. As in the chance appearance of a much needed individual, opportunity or thing

Everyone has experienced coincidence. Some people believe they are meaningful. Other people believe they are meaningless. But that’s another subject entirely.

The point I want to make today is this. Look for coincidence in your life. That’s when the Law of Attraction is working. The more coincidence you see, the more it is working.

How have you been able to align with the law of attraction?

How to “align” with the law of attraction? What I hear is — you’re asking how to turn it on. Good. You’re on the right track. In my experience the Law of Attraction is not active all the time. Some days it is there and other days it is not. I call days when it is active, “Seeing Days”. Whether or not you have a Seeing Day is determined while you sleep. Thus, Seeing Days never start mid day. Nor do they end abruptly during the day. During Seeing Days coincidence abound. Even such little coincidence as see “11:11” just as you look at the clock. It is during these days when the universe will most likely act on your affirmations. Thus, with a little effort you can direct the Law of Attraction during these special days. The next challenge for you is to determine — each day — whether or not it is a Seeing Day. Eventually you’ll know upon awakening, or for the time being, certainly upon first eye contact with another person. Once you develop more economical sleeping habits, you will start to see MANY more Seeing Days, and your Law of Attraction abilities will be magnified with each consecutive day forward.

Does the law of attraction work if you have adversity in your life?

Absolutely! Be careful though. If your mind is taken over by a torrent of worry and adversity, and you can’t think of anything else; then the Law of Attraction is working to bring you more adversity.

Whatever problem or adversity your are faced with, ask yourself this: Am I safe right now, in this moment? If so, stop worrying and you will stop attracting adversity.

Know that you have done or will do what needs to be done to solve these problems. But for the moment, you’ve done everything that needs to be done! And in this you should find some peace.

Concentrate on uplifting thoughts. The easiest thing to do is look around you, and foster into a feeling of gratefulness for every little thing you are thankful for. Also, think of the days ahead, when everything has worked out well. Keep the train of uplifting thoughts going. (Especially those that are accompanied by emotions), and before you know it your natural knack for engaging the Law of Attraction, will be presenting you with all kinds of new people and opportunities. Just what you need to move ahead in the direction of your highest aspiration.

Everyone studying the Law of Attraction knows the phrase, what you think about you bring about. But if practice it's not just your thoughts that make things happen, but rather the emotions behind your thoughts. So a more accurate rule of thumb would be, what you feel, you make real.

Question: What are the best morning meditations for aligning your vibrational frequency with the law of attraction?

I don’t think there is a “best morning meditation”. Use what works best for you. All meditations fall into one of two categories. Either you’re meditating on something. Ie: your breath, you job, your goals, etc. Or you are just standing witness to your thoughts, letting them float away, until there is only the experience and knowledge of your true self, the watcher.

ALSO very important, in relation to morning meditation, keep in mind that while you are waking up, that is a time when your subconscious mind is MOST susceptible to suggestions. And thus the BEST time to recite your affirmations. This works especially when when doing so evokes an emotion, as it is the emotions more then plane thoughts that propel your activate your affirmations and trigger a law of attraction coincidence.

You’d be surprised. Even something as simple as, “This is going to be a great day!” can have a immediate and significant effect.


Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction only works sometimes? I have a theory. The Law of Attraction, Synchronicity, Personal Magnetism and the common Coincidence are just different aspects of the same force.

Once the root cause of all coincidence is understood, it becomes obvious: WHY the Law of Attraction works, and WHY often times it doesn't. Without this knowledge, transmitting your intentions to the universe becomes a frustratingly hit and miss effort.