If I wanted America to fail…

Here’s a transcript to the 2012 video with some 2021-updated additions to “If I wanted America to fail.” In the spirit of updating to America’s current tyranny, I am showing a Bitchute video posted 12/23/21 that utilizes the little over 4-minutes of the audio portion of the 2012 Youtube version but with slides of the criminals of the current Dem-Marxist criminals. WATCH & READ: https://bit.ly/3JhypoN


Medical/COVID Tyranny Facts Dismissed by Controllers

Americans (and the free world for that matter) are chronically being lied to being fed in part misinformation and in a large part blatant false/untrue information. This post is more facts for Jack that the political Marxist/Fascists lie about, and character assassinate constantly.

Cross posts in order of importance to my opinion (the facts documented are NOT opinion) and not necessarily by date: https://bit.ly/3egI8gM



Here is an interesting exposé video that could be called the Bill Gates Story that examines the family influences growing up leading this present time. Reminiscent of the old radio storyteller – Now for the rest of the story: https://bit.ly/3yIodAR


Medical Tyranny Hidden from Public

SUMMARY: Here is a Medical Tyranny update that Globalist/Marxists (that includes U.S. Dem Party despots) using fudged medical data to control YOUR life.

1) Medical Tyranny schemed by Gates & Fauci documented

2) COVID Jab truth

3) Under-reporting by VAERS of Jab deaths

4) Wife eyewitness to husband’s Myocarditis after Jab. … EXAMINE: https://bit.ly/3q8od9j
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