This is not my idea but I think this is awesome. I am going to do this. I hope everyone will follow!
Hey guys , been thinking about this virus junk and the upcoming Easter season. What if we as Christians were to take red ribbons and Pin or tape to our door posts , as a symbol of the blood that was placed over the doors of the children of Israels homes at Passover , when God freed them from Egyptian bondage, just to show this world and satan that our God is still able to deliver His people from any and everything that tries to put us in bondage. We are His children, we are His favorites, we are His property, and He loves us as no one else can. Let us show the world that we believe His word, and we are His.
This is to let the world know that we believe the word of God, Who else will place this on their page ? Let’s get the word out! God is still in control, He is our ONLY hope. Cover those door post and stand on His promise of protection for His people.
Passover starts April 8th -16th. ( Copied from a friend)

This is awesome❣️

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  • Marmy's Half Acre Christian Homesteading is for those of us who are working toward sustainability with what land and resouces we have, weather a half acre or fifty acres. I hope to encourage others while we walk this road and learn together. It is a Christian group and there will be Christian postings to the group.