Little Black Rooster

I got me a little black rooster
Who likes to claw me in the booster
But I got me a big white Roo
Who plans to turn him into stew

Well little blacky got too brave
And decided he wouldn’t behave
He waited until I turned my back
And thought he’d give me a mighty whack

But lo and behold there was Mr. White
And boy was he a pretty sight
I turned in time to see him dance
And boy little blacky never had a chance

Feathers we’re flying all around
Though Mr. White was winning he was holding his ground
But soon enough it was just too much
Little blacky seemed to leave in a rush

It reminds of the devil who tucks tail and runs
Whenever I call on Gods only Son
That old black scoundrel thinks he’s so smart
But God’s got my back from the very start

Found an old fashioned egg beater that still works good! Great find!


First dry night in a while. Took forever to get this fire going!



Marmy's Half Acre Christian Homesteading is for those of us who are working toward sustainability with what land and resouces we have, weather a half acre or fifty acres. I hope to encourage others while we walk this road and learn together. It is a Christian group and there will be Christian postings to the group.