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Patriot Realm - Patriot Realm - 3 minutes of pure gold - a young man who gets what is going on.

Patriot Realm - Patriot Realm - 3 minutes of pure gold - a young man who gets what is going on.

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2021-1204, Alcohol, Drunkest Countries on Earth:
The top ten countries ranked by the number of times each country said they got drunk per year:
Australia: 27.
Denmark: 24.
Finland: 24.
USA: 23.
UK: 23.
Canada: 22.
Ireland: 20.
France: 18.
Sweden: 16
Netherlands: 16.

2021-1206, Health, Army Approves New PT Test, Call the “ACFT 3.0.”.
Gender and age neutral, six events:
Medicine-ball throw.
Hand-release pushups.
2-Mile run.
Sprint-drag-carry exercises.
Leg tucks or planks.
Note: 50 Percent of women are failing this test. To make their test gender neutral, the Navy is taking their test on paper (really.)

2021-1207, Military, Why Soldiers Stay or Leave the Army:
Why soldiers leave:
60 Percent Effects of deployments on family or personal relationships.
48 Percent Impacts of Army life on significant other’s career plans and goals.
47 Percent Impacts of Army life on family plans for children.
44 Percent The degree of stability or predictability of Army life.
43 Percent Impact of military service on my family’s wellbeing.
Why soldiers stay:
54 Percent Opportunity to serve my country.
45 Percent How well my retirement pay or benefits will meet my future needs.
44 Percent Opportunities to lead or train soldiers.
38 Percent My sense of purpose.
37 Percent How well my pay or benefits meet my present needs.

1942-0110, 12 Japanese Rules for the Philippines:
Salute Japanese Soldiers.
Display Japanese flag on every house.
Everybody must wear the sunrise arm band on your left arm.
You must carry your certificate of residence.
Do not avoided Japanese soldiers, welcome them.
Do not charge false prices and you will be paid a fair price for your goods.
You must carry a lantern if walking at night or you will be shot.
Do not listen to Chinese propaganda.
Arson and robbers will be shot.
You must have permission from your mayor to carry a rifle.
You can find a job with the Japanese military.
Be obedient.

Truman gets credit for desegregating the military. No, his executive order in 1948 had zero effect. What desegregated the military was Black cowardice in the Korean War in 1950. During the Pusan Perimeter Breakout, the 24th Infantry Regiment dropped their weapons and ran south. The Army wrote a book about it called, "Black Soldier White Army." Here is the executive summary, notice the .mil address:

24th Infantry in Korea: Executive Summary

1995-0615, Drugs, COL in Charge of Drug Smuggling Smuggles Drugs.
In 1994 Laurie Hiett, wife of LTC James C. Hiett, 41, admitted to inpatient drug abuse treatment.
In 1998 the now COL Hiett is assigned as chief of staff US Mil Group Bogota, Columbia, he coordinates all counter drug efforts. COL Hiett is TDY often, his wife Laurie gets bored. She makes "close" friends with her driver, Jorge Ayalla, a Columbian, they visit bars in La Zona Rosa often, an off-limits area full of brothels.
They do cocaine together daily. She begins sending samples of cocaine and heroin to her old drug friends back in the USA. Jorge recommends she use her diplomatic immunity to smuggle large quantities of drugs into the USA, she agrees. She begins shipping 15-pounds of heroin and or cocaine back to the USA every 6-week. On May 23, 1999, a random search by drug sniffing dogs in Miami brings Laurie's business to an end. She is arrested COL Hiett was then transferred to Ft Monroe, VA.
2000-0417, COL Hiett pleads guilty: The Army COL who oversaw counterdrug operations in Colombia pleads guilty of misprision of a felony (the criminal failure to advise government officials as soon as possible that his wife was engaging in the crime of money laundering). COL James C. Hiett, 48, a SF officer was assigned to the US Military Group in Bogota. Hiett's wife Laurie, 36, pleaded guilty to smuggling cocaine and heroin into the US from Columbia. COL Hiett stored $45,000 (66,000-2019) of the drug money in his office safe. Initially the COL Hiett was investigated by CID. CID did not recommend any charges. The US Customs Service and the NYC Police got involved and said they would prosecute him if the Army did not.
2000-0616, Laurie Hiett sentenced to 5-years in prison.
2000-0713, COL Hiett sentenced to 5-months in the Brig, in imposing the sentence US District Court Judge, Edward Korman called COL Hiett, "a traitor to his country.” Hiett pleaded guilty to using money from his wife's drug business to pay bills. COL Hiett had 25-years on active duty; he will not receive retirement pay.
2000-0731, Many Call COL Hiett's sentence a slap on the wrist, "He got a great deal, only 5-months in prison, if COL Hiett had been MR. Hiett or SSG Hiett he would have gotten 25-years,” said Eric K. Sterling of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation in DC.
Author’s note: I was at Bragg while the Hiett family lived there. Laurie ran a call-girl service out of their home on COL’s row. I visited the downstairs area twice while COL Hiett was upstairs. I believe Laurie was married to a LTC she met in South America prior to her marriage to COL Hiett. She destroyed the first LTC’s career also. Please send details.



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