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Nice to find this group. It took a bit of time to find it. Our family is off grid in California. We garden, can, dehydrate and ferment foods. Ocean fish as well. I look forward to learning from others and sharing a bit as well.

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Had a cold front go through last night and chilled us off good. That's not normal for May but it's ok with me - I dread the heat. So, I went ahead and fired up the wood burning kitchen stove. This is what the Princess looks like. :-) I really like this stove. We've always used a wood stove for heating but not had one to also cook/bake with and heat water (water tank on the end - we don't have a hot water heater). We've had this one for several years now. It heats the house, heats our water, cooks our food, dries my dishes (no dishwasher), dries our clothes, etc. Of course, that's only when it's cold enough to have it going. I don't usually have the heat unless the temps are getting down into the 50's. Yesterday we had the air conditioner going. We only burn wood that is dead wood - no live trees. The Pioneer Princess is Amish made and has a full sized firebox so it holds a good amount of wood and burns for hours (if you are using good dry hardwood). I'm not big on baking but I've done lots of dishes in this oven. Anyone else with the wood burning kitchen stoves?

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  • This is a group for those who may be part prepper / part homesteader. The website related to this is and the YouTube channel is Our motto is "Learn from the Past. Prepare for the Future." We are still primarily on Facebook, but as circumstances change, I am hoping the group will eventually land here! Join us if you'd like! All are welcome!

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