What is the "Pasta Theory"?

Evil throughout history is like the cockroach - it scurries for cover when the light of truth is shone upon it. Evil's return in history is like the chameleon - it hides behind revisionism and false-flag platitudes to re-establish itself, but underneath the same rotten core drives on.

In terms of political systems, ideological bents steeped in evil will only beget corrupt regimes where the state is valued over personal liberty. This is the theme of the Pasta Theory and is evidenced by actual events in history, depicted above by the failed or failing countries or organizations that peddle such a corrupt core of ideology.

Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in the 19th century, and their twisted ideology has plagued mankind in significant ways from the early 20th century onward.

A useful blog is born! I am beginning to work on some graphics for this feed's heading area. The Pasta Theory Journeyman is going to be about tearing down the lies and murderous nature of Marxism and it's false claims on Christian morality.

Looking for a good graphic idea that will fit in the upper circle on the left side of the header that encapsulates the Pasty Theory theme. The idea is something along the lines of "good in, good out; evil in, evil out"


An anecdotal perusal of history from American Conservative laity.