Pray: Father, You, Lord, are the God of the USA. In You we trust to deliver the USA from Muslim terrorists, immediately. In Jesus' name. Amen + Share #jesussaves #americafirst


If you want to end the national troubles, then pray this prayer that brings God's blessings. #jesussaves

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"from such turn away" 2 Timothy 3:5. The Democrat Party is filled with crime.

Father, the USA exalts You. We ask You to convict everyone in the nation to turn away from the Democrat Party since Democrats advocate to leave babies alone to die if they survive botched abortions, Joe Biden calls for 8 year olds to become transgender sinners, and Democrats have criminal politicians such as Biden and others. May all the nation agree with You to turn away from the corrupt and evil Democrat Party. In Jesus' name. Amen + Share #jesusisking

If you want to glorify God and national security, then pray this prayer. #jesussaves


To drain the swamp, join Steven Andrew in declaring Jesus Christ is our lawgiver. Obeying Jesus Christ as a nation is the only way to walk in the light and come out of the darkness.

Father, America loves Jesus Christ. He is truth and righteousness. The USA declares we have no lawgiver but Jesus Christ. In God We Trust to drain the swamp of sin. In Jesus' name. Amen + Share #jesusisking

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