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How do you dismantle the matrix?

Think of the earth grid ley lines.
Back in ancient times like Lemurian and Egytian, these grides where used to create healing magnetic fields via temples.

Ancient technology that was common knowledge back then used in combination with astrology and numerology under universal laws. Stonehedge, Macha pichu and the other eart chakra,s all still there. But we forgot how to use them.

The ley lines were hacked centuries a go. By the masonic ans satanic elite via the catholic churches, palaces and government buildings.
Mason technology that was once used to alter the frequency of the earth grid into the field of humans on that area, then turned dark and evil.

This technology was abused to create the 3D matrix around this planet.
With buildings on the grid and later satellites in the sky a low frequency field was created.
A field that interferes and effects the human field connected to it.


A field of vibration that keeps you stuck in the loop of reincarnation in fear, shame, guilt and pain. Dependend on outside systems like religion, government, education, pharmaceutical and entertainment. The same systems that feed you the low vibration of fear, shame, guilt.

Via Mind Body and Spirit manipulation we were prisoners living the free life illusion.
Dumb down like sheep living a 9-5 linear life.
Unaware of our true divine highly evolved spiritual self.

If we get our earth grid back.
Our frequency on the planet rises.
We can transmute and ascend from dark to light.
We can evolve as human beings.
We can reintegrate ancient technology with inate quantum abilities to prosper this planet to heaven on earth.

How do you dismantle the matrix?
Think of buildings and satellites....


those in Jesus Christ as that

,, Light of the world ''

believed and followed him,
were to

"Sons of Light"

John 3:21; 8:12; 12: 35.36

They told others what to do
to gain God's favor and eternal life, that is
,, in the light ''
Matthew 10:27

John the Baptist also had
served as a light than him

,, baptism ''

as a symbol of repentance '' ...
preached and on that
The coming of the Messiah pointed out.
Luke 3: 3; 15-17
John 5:35

“The fruit of light exists
from every kind of goodness, justice and truth. ''

It therefore exposes the wickedness of the shameful works belonging to darkness, such as every kind of fornication, uncleanness, greed, etc., of the sons of disobedience.

This has the consequence
that these shameful works
can be seen in their true light, and since they are made manifest as condemned by God,
to a certain extent they themselves become light.
Ephesians 5: 3-18
1 Thessalonians 5: 4-9

Equipped with the

"Weapons of Light" -
the spiritual armor

Christians wage a fight

,, against the governments,
against the authorities,
against the world rulers
this darkness
against the evil spirit forces
in the heavenly realms ''

and with the help of these weapons
do they succeed
to stand firmly as servants of God.
Ephesians 6: 11-18

We are watching daily the advancing destruction of America by EO from Dementia Joe and the Demoncrap Anarchist Party. The Kraken has gone dark. The cowardly Republican Party has forsaken us. What is the next move for American patriots to take back America?

Where do we draw the line? We did nothing while the Demoncrap anarchists stole our election. Do we wait to do something until America becomes borderless, or do we wait until they make us wear masks 24 hours a day and the lock-downs are permanent, or do we wait until American energy independence is taken away, or do we wait until we have to pay reparations, or do we wait until our great history is either rewritten or destroyed, or do we wait until we must be fearful of speaking, or do we wait until Americans are stripped of the right to bear arms, or do we wait until they brainwash our kids, or do we wait until there is just one tyrannical party rule, or do we wait until all conservatives are forced into re-indoctrination centers, do we wait unitl the Chinese are allowed to take down our electric grid, or do we wait until America must do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party ? When do we stop waiting? Where do we draw the line?

USA/Life/Minutemen Militia