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We have relocated to Camp Verde, AZ for the winter months at the Rancho Verde RV Park. We really enjoy it here so far. It does get cold in the early AM but the daytime temps have been in the 60's and quite comfortable.
Hope all is well and wish you all a Merry Christmas!!


We are now at our new Camphosting position in Packwood, WA at camp La Wis Wis. No time to post much of anything, very remote location and only in town once or twice a week. 100 sites, and three people as hosts running it. Keep us in your prayers!! Run down camp but a beautiful location on the river.


Recently I was asked about medical issues and able to keep our personal doctor of preference. This is a difficult question to answer; however, I'm still working on it!! The wife and I are NOT in one location long enough to establish a lasting relationship with a "family physician" or "practitioner" that we PREFER above others.

FIRST....God is our Physician, and we call on HIM first!! He will not fail us!!
He doesn't have a HUGE waiting list!! His "waiting room....emergency room is NEVER packed full of patients"......

One of the primary difficulties being that we are not always sure of where our next work assignment will be. We do have medical issues that require us to see a doctor on a regular basis. Both of us are diabetic, have high blood pressure, and other issues. Myself, I had open heart surgery with triple bypass, two strokes and three heart attacks within 72 hours prior to the surgery. It is critical that I see a cardiologist every six months. IF i am in the area of one that I have already seen before, I do my best to see them again.
Another issue is that when you move into an area, the one's taking "New Patients" are almost always NOT PHD's but Liscensed Nurse Practitioners or the like. I have nothing against these fine people, but they always have to refer you to a Specialist....in my case, a Cardiologist.
Solution (of sorts) is that we keep on our computer records from previous doctor visits and give the physician or practitioner access to those records. In Oregon, we have the Health Science University system, in AZ they have their own, in WA they have their own.....so having a means for them to access our previous records is our ONLY real answer to having a connection with our preferred physician.
When we return to the Portland, OR area we will re-establish our connection with prior Cardiologist in Vancouver, WA and practitioner in Portland, OR.
Not sure if this helps much, but YES it is an issue! With medical changing as it is, so INCONSISTENT, we are finding not all doctors want to take Medicare patients, and they have LONG waiting lists!! My greatest fear is this new trend "Medicare For All..." YEAH RIGHT!!! I was having a heart attack (so I thought) and the emergency room was unbelievably PACKED!
So I went home, called an ambulance, and found out I had severe pancreatitis!! Once five days in the hospital, and the second time eight days! That may be our only recourse in the future! Who knows!

So You Think You Want To Be
A Campground Host!!

Camp Hosting is a lot of fun and can be a lot of work. There are specific requirements for becoming “Campground Host’s” or “Camp Host.” It varies with the type of park; local, State, County, US Forest Service, or Corps of Engineers, and private campgrounds and RV parks. The following information is BASIC, if you follow the search information on a smart-phone or internet accessible device, you can educate yourself in making a decision. Some Host’s are volunteer’s, others are paid, some are “stipend” based in exchange for services, and the variants are many. Some positions are for couples, some for singles, some for older seniors, other for “fully fit and capable” of strenuous work or long hours of standing. Some jobs allow children, some don’t, some allow pets, others do not. The point is, the options are MANY! You can work only in your area, or work worldwide! It is up to you!
Almost all of the opportunities require a self-contained “home” to work out of; camper, travel trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, or some type of motorhome that provides you with water, sewer, and power. NOTE: The newer your motorhome or RV the better, some have a 10-15 year old limitation on RV’s they will allow in their parks long-term. Many employers do provide a Full-Hook-Up site (FHU), but many have limitations, just be sure you know what you are getting into ahead of signing a contract!
Web sites you should look into:
The Caretaker Gazette
The Corp of Engineers, employee/volunteer information
The Bureau of Land Management
RV Resorts or RV Parks across the USA
National Parks Service

Several couples and singles we have spoken to over the last couple of years are wanting to “get into it gradually” doing a 3-month, 6-month, or part time position during the summer. Some choose to still maintain a “home base”, others sell their home to purchase and fund their new RV and Adventure! Many choose to take a year between graduating from high school and going to college. Many young people will work for the Americorp or as an employee of the National Park system; just be sure you do your RESEARCH first. I highly recommend Workamper.com since they have been in the business for over 25 years, all over the USA, and have a FANTASTIC web site. You can sign up as a “Dreamer” for FREE, then if you want to do more study, in depth, you can become a Bronze, Silver, or Gold member. We researched our options for two years before we “took the plunge!” and we have enjoyed every minute of it!
You do NOT have to be retired! You do NOT have to be a senior citizen!
You do NOT have to quit your job (IF you can take it on the road with you OR take a “sabbatical”) You do NOT have to be rich or wealthy!(although it would help!)
You leave behind paying utilities in most cases, property taxes, rent in most cases, and in some places a meal or two daily may be provided! Many offer freebies like discounts or “off day” activities that you can participate in for free; hay-rides, fishing trips, use of a boat, use of a swimming pool or activity center.
In MOST cases you WILL have to pass a background check and reference checks. IF you have a felony conviction, this may NOT be a "game over" situation; just be honest and up front. IF you use recreational marijuana, or medical marijuana, some employers (government types) MAY not consider your application. Some states make an allowance for users (AZ, OR, WA to name a few)
You may have to be bonded (rarely see this)


For those who desire to become "Workampers" or folks that work their way across the USA doing Camp Hosting or similar jobs, one job at a time, one state at a time....this is just an introduction!!