Good afternoon everyone.... As more people join this group, I wanted to pin a test post near the top so we can all see if censorship exists on this social media site. Today is Tuesday, May 12, 2020... and I'm proudly posting the name of ERIC CIARAMELLA for the first time in this group. If you are reading this post, note that Facebook would have pulled it down within 24 hours (or less) of me posting this. Please like this post and note that this group's founders are using this specific post as the censorship test post.

Hello everyone,

Sadly this video is on the Youtube platform, so I expect the Democrats will demand that it be removed....... Before it is, please listen to this audio and judge for yourself the content. It sure sounds like an authentic call of Biden to me.... The revelations are astounding.... Enjoy! .... &

Good afternoon everyone..... Saw this on Facebook and felt it was worth sharing here..... Just a little something to make you go .....hmmm.....


One of Tucker Carlson's better opening monologues. Well said, and it highlight's the reason why group's like this are important. &


Are you a Conservative, or Independent living in the area surrounding New York City? Did you notice how news in our area is always skewed with an obviously biased slant? This group is a home for those living in "Blue State" purgatory who find their voices being silenced more and more. Please join this group to discuss topics important to you, and to remain connected to those whom Facebook so wishes to persecute and silence.