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I'm basically on what I call the "Color Diet", made up of colorful fruits, veggies, poultry, fish/seafood, olive oil/grape seed oil, limited servings of red meat and very small amounts of sugar (honey is allowed just a tad more than sugar). I use the Mediterranean Food Pyramid and take the daily calorie count I think is appropriate for me, but I don't limit myself to the authentic cuisine of the Mediterranean Sea. For example, I include stone cut oatmeal as a breakfast item (Ireland and the Brit Isles/America), borscht (Eastern European), rice and beans (Spain, Latin America, South America), various types of fried rice with lots of veggies or even pineapple (Asian/South Sea Islands) etc.

I got a lot out of this article because it not only tells of the health benefits, it shows different ways to eat watermelon. ?? I love watermelon, but it's a very large fruit and I live alone. I'm afraid it will turn to mush before I can finish it. But with some of these eating ideas, I can change up how I eat it and probably finish a large watermelon. ?? #foodie #food #foodhealth


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