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When Artificial Intelligence dehumanizes the planet, destroys meaning, and rips the soul out of humankind, remember these words: A computer cannot create art… It can only replace via a soulless charade authentic art created by human beings.

The FBI, a rogue agency that has been weaponized by the Democrat party, will be rewarded for its despicable behavior with a brand new $300 MILLION dollar DC headquarters… SEVENTY Republican House members voted WITH Democrats to make this happen…

"Trans Day of Remembrance" might be the dumbest political gaslighting attempt of all time. There is statistically VERY little violence against the "trans community"… You are more likely to BE assaulted BY a trans person than to witness one being assaulted.


Truth isn’t relative. Authentic conservatives strive to tell the truth in a world of lies, of deliberate deceptions, that, as we see throughout history, erode personal liberty, societal institutions, moral pillars, and the rule of law. Truth is authentic progressivism, opposite leftist tripe, and we must answer the call to relentlessly tell it on the cultural and political battlefields of today.