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🚨Pride and Pride Month make a mockery of #dday and the soldiers who died there… The latter SAVED western civilization. Pride, as represented by the LGBTQIA+ cult, works to tear it down. 💥💥💥🏳️‍⚧️💥💥💥

Pride dishonors them… Pride Month is mockery.

#pridemonth is explicitly designed to a mainstream sexual deviance, promote and celebrate debauchery, push LGBTQIA+ garbage on children, and to EMPHASIZE - again, for children - transgender "sex change"… To force people to embrace evil is the goal… To applaud the SEXUAL MUTILATION of minors, to upend and debase civility and moral truth... That is the point - the goal - of this vile theme… That is "Pride Month" — all 30 days.

Courtesy of the most celebrated Victim Class on planet Earth.

Target continues to promote sexual mutilation surgery for kids, LGBTQ "transition," and transgender clothes and themes for children. They are LYING to your face.
Boycott Target.

JUST NOW in Iowa: 🔥🔥🔥
"Physicians who perform sex change operations on minors will lose their license and go to jail."
~ RonDeSantis


Truth isn’t relative. Authentic conservatives strive to tell the truth in a world of lies, of deliberate deceptions, that, as we see throughout history, erode personal liberty, societal institutions, moral pillars, and the rule of law. Truth is authentic progressivism, opposite leftist tripe, and we must answer the call to relentlessly tell it on the cultural and political battlefields of today.