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This is a new group and a continuation of one with the same name on Fascist Book. They have no power here! Please join in and post all the true news stories that would be censored on FB or Twitter because, they don't like to hear from Conservatives!
Let's make this group grow and be very informative on this great new platform!

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Putin must have trembled with fear at the announcement!

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CJTRUTH writes:

The media is really the enemy of the people. If [they] are the enemy of the people, they see "we the people" as the enemy. We are the enemy of them and [they] will continue to lie about us, call us racists, bigoted white supremists and more to try to intimidate us and silence us. [They] knew we were getting bigger and they couldn't silence us, so [they] banned us from [their] platforms before the election.

We are in a WAR. This is an information war and we are winning! The TRUTH is WINNING, even if [they] want to make it look like [they] are winning. Don't let [them] intimidate you. We are the majority, even if they make it look like we are not.

[They] are the "fake news." Behind the scenes, [they] are panicking. [Their] days are numbered. Hang in there patriots and NEVER give up! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!"

Dietrich, Dirk @DDDofficial

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Remember God has your back. Trust Him today!

oint_right: @GenMFlynn

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Coast Guard crews successfully rescue five fishermen from the commercial fishing vessel, Nobska, after it caught fire approximately 85 miles east of Cape Cod...https://youtu.be/Ec70EWPpaMc


The purpose of this group is to tell as many Americans as possible that there are powerful groups in government and the military that will FIGHT THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and will NO LONGER allow Corruption and If they really love America, we are inviting them to JOIN OUR GROUP, THE GREAT AWAKENING.