Milley Treason

SUMMARY: … When I was a kid the name “Benedict Arnold” was the same as Judas Iscariot. AND GOD HELP US, if you have been sheltered from your Christian heritage, that “Judas” was the Apostle who betrayed Jesus the Son of God with a kiss.

… Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley so sympathetic to Communist CRT … & infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome, he contacted a CCP general offering to sell out America. I CALL THAT TREASON:

SlantRight 2.0: Milley Treason

SlantRight 2.0: Milley Treason

 John R. Houk, Blog Editor © September 16, 2021   I’m 64 years old with 65 staring right around the corner. I mention this because I w...

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