All to ensure that the Catholic Church is headed by someone as apostate as he is, if not even more so which is destined to cause a schism of the likes never seen which could lead to the end of Catholicism as we know it.

How long until the US military requires its members to stoop to this madness?

Call him metaphorically speaking, a foreign agent acting as the President of the SBC.

[Why is Christian nationalism such a bad thing?]

The military was once among the most honorable and respectable institutions in the nation, but woke and leftist ideology, anti-patriotism, a hostility towards open expressions of faith (the Christian faith in particular), and the celebration of perversion does not give any God-fearing, freedom loving person any incentive to serve in any branch of the military.

US Navy Coming in 7,000 Sailors Short of 2023 Recruiting Goal | The Epoch Times

US Navy Coming in 7,000 Sailors Short of 2023 Recruiting Goal | The Epoch Times

Shortfall part of a general trend among armed services, attributed to a range of factors, including a competitive job market to perceptions of politization.


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