When men enter into society, it is by voluntary consent; and they have a right to demand and insist upon the performance of such conditions and previous limitations as form an equitable original compact.

Every natural right not expressly given up, or, from the nature of a social compact, necessarily ceded, remains.

All positive and civil laws should conform, as far as possible, to the law of natural reason and equity.

There is a plan to go after those that participated in not only the destruction at the U.S. Capitol but those that participated in the protests as well. Please read the article that outlines the plan as well as the precedent, then consider the constitutionality of both sides.


Commitment to racial justice, not conciliation, is needed to save democracy

The issue I currently have with a Constitutional Convention starts with the fact that the people that will be choosing who goes to represent us are the same crooks that are currently ignoring our rights. Are these the people we want choosing what gets pushed through during the convention.

This brings me to my second issue with the idea of a convention in the current political environment. When the current Constitution was written the states had sent representatives to tweak the Articles of Confederation, we wound up with an entirely new contract. If this happens in the current political environment we may not recognize the country that emerges.

My third issue is the fact that our representatives completely ignore the current constitution and amendments, so what will make them adhere to the new amendments that emerge.

What we need is not a Constitutional Convention, what we need is to wake the American people up to the fact that their rights are being stolen away because they have elected people office and ignored ever violation of their rights these tyrants commit. Until the are willing to take the time to hold their representatives feet to the fire and remove them from office when they violate our rights nothing is going to change, at least not for the better.

How many amendments are there currently to the constitution, and what is the central theme of each?

Let's start easy: How many things are included in the First Amendment and what are they?


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