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Hey guys! Please feel free to also post questions or any further information regarding vaccines, vaccine injuries and of course any news that you come across. Please make sure your sources are credible. There is already enough misinformation floating around and we would be doing others and ourselves a grave injustice by posting anything less than truthful articles.

God Bless!

Arkansans take note - Anti Faucist Mandate Protest planned for Sat, Sept 18, 2021. Come to the State Capitol at noon, on the East Steps to show your resolve against the unlawful abuse of power by the ruling junta in DC... print out this flyer, spray paint it with clear gloss enamel to waterproof, then cut out and place in handy urinals so everyone will see it, everyone will pee on it, and no one will remove it - a triple win that spreads the message! If thats too radical a plan, you can print and tape up wherever people will see them... if you won't stand up now, when will you? This is for your humanity.



Moms and dads unite, armed with knowledge and compassion. Land of the Free also means freedom of choice, which we are slowly losing.