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Hey guys! Please feel free to also post questions or any further information regarding vaccines, vaccine injuries and of course any news that you come across. Please make sure your sources are credible. There is already enough misinformation floating around and we would be doing others and ourselves a grave injustice by posting anything less than truthful articles.

God Bless!

It's a shame that the Muslims have seminars in their mosques to educate them about things that affect their health that the media are social engineering people to believe aren't harmful--chemtrails, vaccines, 5G radiation, etc., so that while Christians remain ignorant of these things and become more sickly, the Muslims are taking steps to preserve their health and give themselves the maximum energy to evangelize their message to the world. Here is one of their seminars in full:

Viruses Weapons of Mass Destruction - Revolution Television

Viruses Weapons of Mass Destruction - Revolution Television

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