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The Generation of Wrath

5/27/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord of Hosts, to the generation of wrath: You know not the anger of The Lord, nor of My jealousy which burns in the fierceness of My wrath! For the Way of The Lord is not known, and the atrocities committed against the innocent you have hidden from your eyes; you refuse to see!
Therefore calamity shall not cease from before your eyes, and destruction shall increase in every corner! Destruction from on high shall increase before you, and the wrath of God shall chase you from behind! The strength of your heart shall give way, and you shall lie down heavily, until death comes to take you and darkness closes in.
And still the Way of The Lord is not known. Not one has heard the weeping of The Holy One, no one thirsts. Who has come out to drink? Who has eaten from this Tree? Who, among this lying generation, has opened their mouth in truth?! Who among you sees? Who among you knows? My messengers know, and My prophets have seen; behold, upon their lips I have placed the Word of Truth.
And still the Way of The Lord is not known! For the prophets of The Lord are hated, and those who call of themselves Christian persecute and slander My messengers without cause! Behold, My faithful servants are hated by My own people, and in the world they are cast off with rarely a mention! For the Way of The Lord is not known, and the fear of The Lord is forgotten!... This generation has no love for God in their hearts!

Therefore, thus says The Lord God: Behold the generation of My wrath! Look upon this great multitude of wicked and deceived peoples; look deep into this darkness! Take a lantern and search, go from house to house, and see if there is one who remembers The Way! See if there are any who know Me, if there is one who embraces Me as I truly am!
And yet the people say, “Where has all this darkness come from, and for what cause has all this violence come upon us? For what reason is all this devastation come upon us?!” Is this not the Day which was spoken of? Says The Lord. Is this not the Day prophesied throughout the generations, even from the beginning, that it should come? Is this not the Day of Clouds and Thick Darkness?! For I tell you the truth, it has come, all have entered in!

Behold, the outcry of the prophets has
Come forth, the Word of The Lord is here!...

It comes to pass before your eyes,
It increases and fills the earth!...

Therefore, hear the Word of The Lord and give heed!
Hear the Word of The Lord from aforetime, and of this day!
Hear the Call and the Testimony, and tremble
In fear at the Proclamation of The Lord!...

For the decree is sent down;
Judgment is set and ready to be poured out!

Lo, calamity has broken forth already, announcing the coming of The Holy One. His messengers prepare His way before Him, the earth trembles at His nearness. Lo, His hands gather His flock together, and His soft voice calls to His lambs... Behold, the house is broken into, yet who is aware of it?
Behold, the bundles are tied and set in their places, and still the people mock! And those called Christian say, “Are we not the chosen? Yes, we are the elect of God”... Woe, I say to you! Woe to you and all your arrogant houses; you have surely deceived yourselves!

Bow down therefore and humble yourselves,
Heed the call and depart from
Your filthy houses, and repent!...

Forsake all these man-made doctrines and
Perverse traditions, put away all these pagan holidays!...


Stand apart from those who persecute My messengers
And mock My promises, and I may yet receive you!

Am I not The Lord God who sees, The One who knows? Yet My people hide their faces from Me, and cover their shame in an effort to appear righteous before men. Do I not search the hearts and minds, even to the innermost? Therefore who is it you seek to please, and for what cause do you wear all this fine apparel? For what reason do you wear these masks and cover your heads? For what purpose is this masquerade?!
For I tell you the truth, the sluggard is at ease among you, the so-called faithful worship themselves, and the supposed devout follow after men!

Excerpt from: http://trumpetcallofgodonline.....com/index.php5?title

Wrath and Recompense

5/6/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to the peoples of the earth: I have come to breach the wall! I am come to tear down your towers and break apart your cities! I am come to uproot every tree and to pull out all your well-groomed hedges, to stomp upon all these briers and thorns which spread across the land! I am come down to break apart every foundation, to shatter in pieces!

Thus says The Lord to the churches of men: I shall splinter all your wooden houses, and the pieces thereof shall lodge beneath your well-manicured fingers! - Festering, until your sores ooze in the midst of your discoloration! I am come forth to break off the bones, pestilence comes forth to gnaw off your dead fingers, to devour all these dead members!

For I am risen up in My anger!...

I am come down in My hot displeasure,
To make the west as Sodom and the east as Gomorrah,[1]
To repay the nations for all their wickedness!...

To make an end!...

Says YAHUWAH Elohim Tz’va’ot,
Asher Hayah V’ Hoveh V’ Yavo.

[1]↑ 2 Peter 2:6, Jude 1:7


The Breach

5/6/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God of Israel, to the generation of the slaughter: I have come down to you, and with brevity I speak to you. With shortness of speech and in a very stern voice, I have proclaimed your error. Is not the will of The Most High written in His Book? Are not My decrees made known, even My Law? Lo, even within you did I place discernment, that you may know right from wrong, that you may choose the good and refuse the evil.
Yet what is this before My eyes, day and night?! What is this you have chosen?! Look at what you embrace, O most wicked generation!... You have hated justice, and The Promise is a loathsome sore in your eyes! You rage against My covenants and My people you do hate; My messengers are loathed in all the earth! The cause of the needy and the widow you have not known, and from the fatherless you withdraw your hand! You have forsaken and murdered the innocent; your feet stand in pools of their blood!

Your sins gather in strength; night and day
They increase and testify to your demise!...

The stain of death covers you, the pit beckons you!...

Behold, a fissure has formed beneath your feet,
The gap widens quickly!...

Lo, in the midst of you a great valley has emerged,
Deep darkness and death spreads forth in every direction,
Multitudes of dead and dry bones!...

Yet you refuse to see, neither will you listen!
For you have grown accustomed
To the sound of wailing,
And the silence of death pleases you!...

Therefore, FALL!...

Says The Lord.


The Fire Is Kindled

4/22/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: The Word of My mouth breaks apart the mountains! Behold, whole ranges of mountains bow down when I pass by! Look how the earth trembles at My nearness and shakes beneath My footsteps!... And still the people say, “There is no God in Israel.”

The enemies of The Lord gather and set themselves in battle array; they gather together to destroy My holy mountain! They seek to break apart My covenants and slaughter My people! The cleverest among them devise evil schemes, and the most knowledgeable forge weapons of war.
Yet the banner of The Lord is risen up, the might of The Holy One is lifted high! Behold, I am poised in My strength, and My face is set to defend! And when I strike, who shall withstand My assault?! Who shall be left, when the hand of The Almighty is stretched out against them?!
For My hand is swifter than an eagle, the strength of My arm has crushed leviathan, and I shall not withhold! My wrath shall burst forth like the terrible mountain! The heat of My countenance shall melt the hills, and the rivers of the valleys shall run dry at My presence! For My eyes are like flames of fire, My tears fall and scorch the earth! Says The Lord... Behold, the whole world is set ablaze at the outward glance of The Almighty in His hot displeasure! - A cleansing fire, a purifying flame, of which none shall quench! THE FIRE IS KINDLED![1]

[1]↑ Luke 12:49


Trust in God Alone

3/15/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God: Do not put your trust in idols, nor in any man-made image forged of stone or marble, or of wood or brass, gold or of fine metal... There is no life in it! For they can not speak or walk; they have no power at all.
Yea, men bear them upon their shoulders, for they can not move from their places. They have no strength, they are helpless, worthless images carved in futility and must be borne. Look how easily they are toppled by the wind and broken in pieces, when the earth is shaken but a little.
And do not put your trust in any man, though he speaks with a clever tongue, with many enticing words of unity and peace and many great promises. And though others bow down to him and give him glory, you shall not place your trust in any man! For man is but flesh, easily crushed beneath the weight of a single branch falling from a tree.
For the whole world is My footstool, and the vastness of the universe is but a garment declaring My glory. And who among men is able to comprehend its scope? Says The Creator of Heaven and Earth, your Maker, yes I, The God of All.

Therefore, again I call you to kiss The Son
And bow before your King!...

For He alone is your salvation,
He alone is your only escape!...

He is The Light, The Only Way, The Only Truth!...

There is no life apart from Him;
Apart from Him is only darkness and death,
The wide path which leads to destruction...

Is His name, The Mashiach!...

The Bearer of your cross, The Lover of your soul,
The Risen One, The Mighty One of Jacob...

Immanu El!



Hear The Word of The Lord spoken to THIS generation.