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THIS IS WAR! China has attacked the world with the #coronavirus! - CEO at Republicans Overseas

To President Donald Trump to hold China’s government accountable for the coronavirus!
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Just a heads up from the Lord to me
Apr 5, 2020
This isn't a perfect video and perfection isn't the answer. My obedience in the best way I can is. If you can't read it then pause the video, please. I would appreciate it if you would take it to prayer as we are at the END! I am here to keep your eyes open and give God all the glory that's it! I don't care about popularity, subs or view counts. I have my moments of giving up, but I'll continue to focus on my duty till he comes. I could care less about what others say about me. If you are watching then you won't be missing out on the Lord doing his work in his chosen servants in the very hour. I bring balance in what I do not just one thing in this ministry. There is a new task waiting for me when the trumpet calls and my crown waiting for me. My prayers go out to all as we are about to depart any time soon. Much love in Christ to all and Shalom...

Choose Your God Wisely

Justin Smith submitted an Easter/Christian Rights message. PAY ATTENTION to the Christian Rights portion of Justin’s message. There are large numbers of Christians trying to congregate to worship the Risen Savior. Those Christians are being vilified by the MSM, the Dem Party and ironically vilified by many Christians gripped by the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic: https://bit.ly/34cfUhF
#covidfear #religiousliberty #governmentpersecution

SlantRight 2.0: Choose Your God Wisely

SlantRight 2.0: Choose Your God Wisely

Justin Smith submitted an Easter/Christian Rights message. The Easter part probably could have waited to next week because tomorrow is Palm ...
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How Organic Can Product be from China?

Grocer Whole Foods exposed in deceptive marketing! Gets imported food from China and calls it certified organic without PROOF! I found the ABC affiliate WJLA video exposé on Facebook & uploaded to Youtube (https://youtu.be/qnzhCfxPCV0). China that has allowed their Wet Markets to reopen. Uncertified organic foods are imported from Coronavirus central: https://bit.ly/2wPhA4q
#grocerwholefoods #organicdeception #coronaviruswetmarkets

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Red Pill Expo 2019 - America is returning to Christianity and biblical roots

Alex Newman - Editor in Chief of Liberty Sentinel, JBS member and New American Magazine talks about Red Pill Expo 2019 in Nevada and how the constitution is inspired by the Bible.


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