Good morning everyone. I still don’t have any fresh material for here. I have been so busy with Church, work and getting several families ready for the coming winter, I quite honestly am feeling worn out, but still going by the grace of Jesus. I did want to suggest my group Apologia. Please go check it out and join. My friend Thor has been faithfully adding material daily. Very interesting challenges that he has personally gotten from years of engaging atheists. I encourage everyone here to go check it out. And if you are willing please pray for me I am really struggling physically, mentally and spiritually right with facing more than I can handle. That’s when God works best is in our weakness. Thank you

Good morning everyone. I would like to bring up something I have noticed on this site. I personally have a couple pages and a couple groups. I have posted some material, (not near as much as I should) but I have noticed that nobody else tends to engage. If I am the only one to post anything with no input from others, then this page will be somewhat boring, and there will be very limited growth for all involved. This page is doing the best of all of mine and with over 500 people we should be able to have some really robust interaction. So please, I am asking for contributions from anyone who has joined. Let’s have some conversation and all grow further in Christ.

Happy Memorial Day! Let’s all take a few moments today to reflect upon the great sacrifices that have been made by all of our men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Whenever I do it always brings me around to One who gave the greatest sacrifice of all time, our Savior, God, and Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray for all the souls lost protecting our country especially ones who did not know Jesus as their Savior. And I want to also lift up all those serving now who may not know Him as such. Lord please bring repentance and revival to our military men and women, as well as to this nation as a whole. AMEN

Hello everyone. I have really been having trouble getting on here. It is so great to see that the page has been growing. Praise God!!! I will try to get some new material on here this week.

Good morning everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted anything in sometime now. We have moved to an area where internet is difficult, and after prayerful discussion we have decided we don’t need internet. Plus I have been extremely busy. I will try to get some new material on here soon. So excited to see how this page has grown!!!!!! What a blessing 😃🙏🏻 Merry Christmas and happy New Years to you all, I pray that our God and Father blesses each of you this coming year and carries you through all trials in the richness and glory of His might. Love you all and hope to post soon

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