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Al Gibson offers encouragement to you today. You can overcome brokenness of any sort. Follow this link to read his blog post ▶️http://algibsonauthor.com/a-pr....ophetic-picture-of-r

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Christians are called to give up our lives for the cause of Christ. Giving up a gay lifestyle is nothing compared to giving up one’s life or any lifestyle that goes against God’s Word. Read more >>>

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The author of "From Queer to Christ - My Journey Into The Light" weighs in on the agenda behind today's LGBTQ activism. Could it be they want to silence all who are Pro-Family?

CBN News - George Carneal - Ex-Gay looks at the LGBTQ Agenda

CBN News - George Carneal - Ex-Gay looks at the LGBTQ Agenda

George’s story is not an attack on the LGBTQ community, his book he simply shares his journey and what he learned along the way.
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  • The X stands for ex Lesbian, ex Gay, ex Transgendered and ex Questioning. There is hope for those struggling with unwanted same sex attraction or gender related issues. You don't have to stay gay!