If you struggle with temptation, you’re not alone, even when you can’t sleep. Imagine tossing and turning, because you are conflicted inside. Then God, our Father, gently reassures you with these words… lulling you back to sleep and into a deep rest in Him.



‘Not A Mistake, Parents’ Hope for their Gay Son,’ is a helpful book for friends of all who identity as LGBTQ https://uschristian.news/not-a....-mistake-parents-hop


What does the Bible say about gays? Does he hate them? These are questions that are often asked and it’s important to get an honest answer that doesn’t compromise the truth of God’s Word. https://uschristian.news/gays/

Does God really love gays - US CHRISTIAN

Does God really love gays - US CHRISTIAN

What does the Bible say about Gays? Does God hate gays? These are questions that need an honest answer that doesn't compromise God's Word.


The X stands for ex Lesbian, ex Gay, ex Transgendered and ex Questioning. There is hope for those struggling with unwanted same sex attraction or gender related issues. You don't have to stay gay!