Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League shares his concerns regarding the unlikely partnership between Pro-Hamas and Pro-LGBT supporters, in their goal of political and sexual liberation.


Sexual brokenness is not something anybody has to live with forever. Pure Passion offers hope for those who want to live a life free from addiction, habitual or life-controlling struggles. It is possible to regain sexual purity as you discover the pure passion God intended.


If you struggle with temptation, you’re not alone, even when you can’t sleep. Imagine tossing and turning, because you are conflicted inside. Then God, our Father, gently reassures you with these words… lulling you back to sleep and into a deep rest in Him.


‘Not A Mistake, Parents’ Hope for their Gay Son,’ is a helpful book for friends of all who identity as LGBTQ



The X stands for ex Lesbian, ex Gay, ex Transgendered and ex Questioning. There is hope for those struggling with unwanted same sex attraction or gender related issues. You don't have to stay gay!