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We are on the verge of something bigger than ourselves...a song of healing! Here is a sneak peek of our song, Heal Our Land - RELEASE SOON! #newsong #repentance #prayer


Alabaster Grace is the Irvington, Virginia, husband and wife Christian ministry duo of Brad and Joanie Perry. When they met in 2012, they sensed God had special plans for them to do music together. Working together, they create a wide and diverse style of music ranging from tender acoustic to contemporary Christian, and with a number of unique styles in between. Their music is focused on scripture and drawing everyone closer to the heart of God, and is designed to bring hope and healing.

As licensed ministers, Brad and Joanie present their music and speak at churches, Christian coffee houses, conferences and retreats, and special events. They additionally provide a free daily devotion, Alabaster Grace Notes, offering scripture-based encouraging words for daily living.