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The Ultimate Proof of Creation

Before you can get a person to believe in Christian Identity, they have to believe in Creation first. Here is a video to help you in witnessing.


Most preachers today would say that Christians don't have enemies. The word of God says otherwise.

Bible Law on Money
Most Christians don't know that God showed us how to have a sound economy. Find out more here.
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Bible Law on Money.pdf

The Marks of Israel

Here are 40 verses you can show your friends that point out quite clearly who are the people of the Bible.
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The Lost Tribes of Israel - Found!
by Lt. Col. Jack Mohr

Lost tribes of Israel.pdf


Bible Truths

Politically incorrect but biblically correct. What you will not hear in churches today and as you read more you'll find out why.

It's quite obvious that man does not have the answers to today's problems no matter what political party or type of government you have - things are getting worse and not better.

Help fight the forces of evil by learning the truth. The Bible is 71% civil and the rest spiritual. There are a lot of things that Christians must do now in order to 'occupy' until Christ comes. Won't you join me now?