I know it's not popular to make people uncomfortable but we must spread the message to our liberal Catholic friends and clergy that social justice liberalism while in bed with the party of death and Satan is not in line with our Church doctrine. 48% of Catholic voters voted for Hillary in 2016. How can Catholics in good conscience vote for Marxist violent revolution, homosexual and transgender promotion, abortion on demand, the destruction of the family unit, and God taken out of schools, government, and the Democrat platform? The response is always "Judge not lest ye be judged", but it is our job to evangelize for the salvation of souls and that includes those who are by association in the flock though not in practice!


It's time we as Catholics stand up against the radical left wing social justice heretics within our faith. Stand with like minded Catholics and help spread the understanding that to be Catholic you cannot support the democrat party of abortion and infanticide.

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden party of death are not in line with faithful Catholic doctrine!