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Time to make you smile (hopefully)! "Like" if you get it


I'm back! We now have Hughes Net...argh...and we thought AT&T was bad... Oh well, I may have slow, crappy interwebz but at least I can haz interwebz! X-D

I am moving to the sticks and will not have cable or interwebz until someone decides to offer service in that area. Funny thing is it's 5 minutes from where I currently live. Please post whatever you wish and enjoy your chickens! I will be back at some point, I'm sure. *love from the Chicken Lady and 9 Volt*


Chickens! Pets, egg-layers, lunch...all things CHICKEN. Feel free to share info, ask questions, share links to chicken info or chicken breeders, anything you wish. Just remember where we let's all be kind and respectful.