Who Cares About Graffiti

A symptom of NYC’s woes could seem trivial, but Dr. Jerry Newcombe shows that the rising tide of graffiti and broken windows is a forewarning.

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Marxism for a New Generation

Surveys show that Gen Z is the least religious generation in American history. Considering they're being fed into an educational system that is teaching repackaged Marxism, we shouldn't be surprised. To learn more, watch this special report.

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A Godly Education

The growth of secularism among young people spells the doom of the future of freedom—unless Christian parents take action. What will it take to rescue our children and grandchildren from the toxic, ungodly indoctrination masquerading as education in our government-controlled schools?

In an increasingly secular world where Marxist ideology and "woke" progressivism are spread with evangelistic zeal through our schools, media, and parts of our government, it is absolutely essential for Christians to seek the mind of God on all of our cultural controversies.

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God's Education Mandate

As COVID forced children across America back into the home to learn remotely, many parents have been shocked at the far-Left indoctrination their children are undergoing. Dr. Frank Wright looks at what God says about handing children over to woke secularists.

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The Importance of #dad

Fathers are extremely important for their children and this nation as Dr. Jerry Newcombe shows in his "For God and Country" commentary.

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