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Voting is a sacred privilege in America. But we all need to understand that there is a vast media apparatus whose design is to discourage you into apathy. They'd like you to believe that the election is already decided. But it's not true. Dr. Frank Wright will tell you what they are most afraid of in his "Truths That Transform" commentary.


Today we meet a former atheist who taught evolution in the classroom until a job interview changed everything. Dr. Kennedy addresses a creation conference where he traces the roots of America's descent into secular chaos.

“Since the early sixties, America has been rushing—plunging—headlong away from God, religion, and the Bible,” explains Dr. Kennedy, “into Materialism, Atheism, Evolutionism and a godless secular philosophy of life.”

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Some brush Romans 8:28 off as a simplistic slogan that fails to deal with real suffering. In his "Truths That Transform" commentary, Dr. Frank Wright tells us why God can promise us that He works all things together for our good.

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Many Americans were perplexed when Democrats inserted support for Planned Parenthood into two coronavirus relief packages. But Dr. Frank Wright believes the politicians exposed their agenda. He has more in his "Truths That Transform" commentary.

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