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Welcome to the Glacier National Park group. Feel free to post anything about Glacier. In the meantime, if you need any help with planning your hiking itinerary, please visit our online trail guide: http://www.hikinginglacier.com/

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Did you know that you can do an epic three-day loop hike in the heart of Glacier National Park without having to camp? Here's how: http://hikinginglacier.blogspo....t.com/2020/04/glacie

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While we see the private sector ramp-up their efforts to help in the "war" on coronavirus, this should come as no surprise. Americans have always risen to the occasion. Did you know that The Mountaineers club out of Seattle heeded the call to provide the National Council for Defense with a supply of digitalis (used to control heart rate) and sphagnum moss (used to make battlefield wound dressings) during WWI? You can discover more information on the role hiking clubs played in American culture here: https://hikinginglacier.blogsp....ot.com/2020/03/need-

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I've had the privilege to hike in dozens of national parks, monuments and forests over the years. Because of the extra time on my hands right now, I decided to pull together a list of my top 30 hikes of all time. Perhaps this list will provide you with a few new hikes to add to your bucket list: http://hikinginglacier.blogspo....t.com/2020/03/my-top

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