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New to the group, looking forward to the learning experience. KO4NCN

Looking to get active again after almost twenty years of inactivity, from what I'm reading we are in for a great sunspot cycle....How many times have I heard this over the last three cycles?? Anyway, time for me to dust the radio's off, and get some aluminum up in the air.
I'm located in south central Missouri, where I have zero background noise on 10 through 20 meters!! My mailing address is in Arkansas, so don't think I'm pirating my call when looking me up on the "zed". Call is KM6MB, name is A, John Waudby...My wife is also licensed and used to have a weekly net when we lived in California, I might just encourage her to restart the evening weekly net once more on 10 M.

For those interested in regional communications that is TERRAIN INDEPENDENT you may want to check out this group... https://mewe.com/join/nvisamat....eurradioemergencycom


I've got an HF Radio question.
I'm brand new to HAM. Studying for my General and looking for an HF+50 radio.
A member of the club I am thinking about joining has a Yaesu FT-950 to up for sale and I was also looking at a new Yaesu FT-891. Upfront cost is an issue and these radios are similarly priced.
What is the better choice and why. Everyone has their own opinion and I'm not trying to start an argument. Just other opinions and thoughts that I probably haven't considered.
Thanks in advance


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