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To tune your coax, here is the formula: 492 X (Velocity Factor) divided by Frequency (MHz) = Full Wavelength divided by 2 = Half wavelength.
Velocity Factor for Coax 8X is .82, Coax 8U is .84, Coax LMR 400 is .85
5/8 wavelength = 0.625

Tune your coax to the most used frequency and you will drive all of your power out with no return to the radio. This is the secret for a 1:1 SWR! Enjoy!

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I just joined this group.
I have been a ham for a long time but have not been very active for a while. I am looking forward to taking my oldest grandson to a Technician class that starts in 2 weeks and making new friends.

Would like to know more about Ham Radio and getting started.