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INALIENABLE - is not subject to alienation.


UNALIENABLE - is incapable of being aliened.

The difference?

INALIENABLE - simply means your inalienable rights are not subject to alienation by others. Meaning no one shall compel you to sell, transfer or abandon any of your inalienable rights. However, you can voluntarily waive them. According to Black's Law 2nd 1910; "Not subject to alienation; the characteristic of those things which cannot be bought or sold or transferred from one person to another such as rivers and public highways and certain personal rights"

UNALIENABLE - is incapable of being aliened by anyone, including the individual who holds something unalienable. Thus, it is impossible for any individual to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of an unalienable right. It is also impossible for someone to take an unalienable right from another. Once you have something "unalienable" it is impossible for you to get rid of it. According to Black's Law 2nd 1910; "Incapable of being aliened, that is sold and transferred."

This is precisely why many state constitutions use the word inalienable instead of unalienable. Even at the Jefferson Memorial when they inscribed the Declaration of Independence onto the marble, they used the word inalienable instead of unalienable. Nowhere in any of our founding documents will you find the word inalienable. Unalienable is used only one time in the Declaration and in no other founding document. I have a copy of every Black's Law dictionary that has been written. In the first 2 editions, unalienable and inalienable had different meanings. After the 3rd edition was written in 1968 they started making them have the same definition. This is what people have believed since then. You have been lied to, as usual.

Moreover, it is not pronounced un-alien-able it is pronounced un-a-lien-able. When you can't pay the mortgage on your home, the bank puts a lien on that debt until the debt is paid. Considering your rights are natural, you cannot put a lien on your natural rights. It is simply a matter of whether you exercise them or you don't. Hence un-a-lien-able.

If people are going to speak about their freedoms and rights or even this country and the founding documents then it might behoove people to actually educate themselves instead of just accepting what the masses say. More often than not, we witness Americans knowing nothing of the country they live in.


H.A.S.T.E. is a conglomerate of professionals who have unified with one ambition; to bring an end to abuse and human trafficking through outreach, education and recovery operations.

We cannot do this alone. There is no agency or department on a federal level whose sole purpose is to fight human trafficking.

No federal special ops have ever conducted an operation to specifically go after a human trafficker because it’s not a presidential reporting requirement. The U.S. government spends less than $1.00 per human trafficking victim, globally. All the while, the 13th Amendment is supposed to make slavery, 100% illegal.

There is no intelligence center that ties everything together and there is no major software platform that assists in fighting human trafficking. It is only through awareness and support that we will be able to effectively fight this atrocity. Together we can make a difference.