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SUMMARY: Leftists controlling News and Entertainment to LIE not only about COVID itself, but also the mRNA jabs people are still being told will protect one from a CCP-virus that already has an over 99% survival rate. AND of the less than 1% who died attributed to the CCP-virus… UNDERSTANDABLE SCIENCE TO WATCH & READ:
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There is a Medical Tyranny – Agenda to Exist

SUMMARY: I share the posting info primarily some of the info comes from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website.

The Dr. Mercola website post features an interview he conducted with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko entitled, “The Plan to Tag Us for the New World Order Slave System.” The video interview is just a little over an hour long. The summation of the interview includes information that Dr. Zelenko has been battling a rare cancer that has already cost him a lung. In my opinion you can hear Dr. Zelenko’s health issues in his voice.

I am also adding a Dr. Peter McCullough interview conducted by Jamie Glazov that is just over 51-minutes long entitled, “The Haunting World of Suppressing Covid Treatments.”

Then I’m adding several cross posts based on the actual from the caliber of Zelenko and McCullough. Which I have to point out these doctors were considered highly imminent in their science/medical fields until now proven greedy medical liars tagged to the puppet strings of Big Pharma and Globalist-Marxists have set out to impugn their stellar reputations. WATCH & READ:


Censored mRNA Platform Inventor Tells All on Rogan Show

Dr. Mercola has provided a detailed analysis of the entire 3-hour Rogan/Malone interview trying to be vanquished by Big Tech which includes the entire 3-hour video and an excerpt video (16-minutes) of follow-up questions between Dr. Malone and Kristi Leigh. Unless you are more patient than I, I suggest reading the Dr. Mercola text analysis prior to any lengthy video viewing. … READ & WATCH:


Controlled by a Brainwashing Psychosis

SUMMARY: Dr. Robert Malone was on a Joe Rogan podcast I believe circa January 1, 2022. … Dr. Malone made Social Media waves as he discussed “Mass Formation Psychosis”. … This cross post includes the podcast; an analysis video & 3 web-posts exploring brainwashing & censorship:
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As for Me – NO mRNA Jab Intro to Shilhavy Wisdom

I just read a post by Brian Shilhavy of Vaccine Impact and Health Impact News that steps on the toes of medical doctors/scientists devoted to Globalist control AND on the toes of Christian medical doctors who have exceeded their calling by pronouncing eternal gloom and doom upon the poor saps who took the mRNA jab. … READ IT ALL:
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