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June is LMNOP+ Month!
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Please sign your Pledge to boycott Disney, Coca-Cola and Kellogg's,
over their support of the radical Homosexual Agenda Here:

Will you Pledge?

Also go here to see our New Interactive LMNOP+ Map of the USA

It is really Fun!


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You all know that June is claimed to be the LGBTQ month, well, not anymore, PA has launched: JUNE IS LMNOP+ MONTH.

Americans are tired of, and Public Advocate condemns, violent domestic terrorists burning our cities down.

Public Advocate practices peaceful events for 40 years
including here at Lafayette Park.

Pro-family Americans are asked to take back the month of June with the new LMNOP+ Movement, announced here and now by our White House "Make the Family Great Again" task force.

The letters LMNOP represent most Americans.
As follows: L is for Lifestyle of.
M stands for Mainstream,
N for Normal,
O for Ordinary
and P for people.
That's Lifestyle of Mainstream Normal Ordinary People.

"This is your movement, Make the Family Great Again with the LMNOP, " said Delgaudio