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June is LMNOP+ Month!
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The Babylon Bee To Have Rainbow Logo For Month Of June To Remind God Not To Flood Us Again
June 4th, 2020 - BabylonBee.com

For the month of June, The Babylon Bee is changing its logo to rainbow colors. This will be to remind God that He promised Noah that He would never flood the entire planet again, as He really has to be considering that right about now.

I mean, if we had the power to just wipe everything out and start over, we’d probably be all over that. In the least, a flood would put out a lot of currently burning fires. Still, God, in His infinite mercy, said He would not flood us again and used a rainbow as a symbol of the covenant. And that’s why we’re going to display those colors. As a reminder to God and to us that at least we won’t all get flooded.
We hope other corporations will join as well and also change their logos to rainbows so we can all stand together and loudly proclaim, “Hey, don’t flood us!”


You all know that June is claimed to be the LGBTQ month, well, not anymore, PA has launched: JUNE IS LMNOP+ MONTH.

Americans are tired of, and Public Advocate condemns, violent domestic terrorists burning our cities down.

Public Advocate practices peaceful events for 40 years
including here at Lafayette Park.

Pro-family Americans are asked to take back the month of June with the new LMNOP+ Movement, announced here and now by our White House "Make the Family Great Again" task force.

The letters LMNOP represent most Americans.
As follows: L is for Lifestyle of.
M stands for Mainstream,
N for Normal,
O for Ordinary
and P for people.
That's Lifestyle of Mainstream Normal Ordinary People.

"This is your movement, Make the Family Great Again with the LMNOP, " said Delgaudio