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need advice on my latest project...I am building an African Senufo day bed similar to the one in these pictures. Mine will not be full size which is sometimes 36 inches wide by 90 inches long. Mine will be 24 inches wide by 69 inches long. Do you think this will be a good size for most rooms or should it be bigger? Thanks in advance.


I am doing a Poll. Need advice. I am working on a new design for a men's nightstand organizer. What are the most common things you carry/use on a daily basis? I would like to add about a dozen features to the organizer. It will have a docking shelf for a cell phone and smartwatch and shallow trays to hold things like loose change, wallet, wedding ring, pocket knife/multi-tool, pen, I.D. tags, etc. It will have hangers for keys, watch, glasses, etc.
What things would you put in/on the organizer?
1. watch
2. wallet
3. glasses
4. wedding ring
5. cell phone
6. watch
7. pocket knife
8. pen
9. tie clip/cufflinks
10. smartwatch
11. keys
12. medicine
13. ?


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