Ok time to bring everyone up to date. Last week we had 29 and 29 at both Saturday sites. The church we go to had an anniversary service this weekend so no outreach. Thou we had 4 kids to the house for bible story and snacks. The kids were waiting for us to start. these kids are hungry for Jesus. Three weeks ago we started a Monday out reach for the moms, At site is near the church, Also have a bunch of kids. Because of the anniversary service they we not going to do outreach, So Helen and my self went anyway, 30+ kids plus 4 moms, One mom found Christ yesterday. We learned that the gospel must be presented at all times. So it will never matter what the church is doing we will still reach out to the children and parents. Reaching people for Christ is the most important thing anyone can do. Helen is doing 4 bible studies a week, two here in Eden on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Plus two at sites we have children's outreach. It is good to see what GOD is doing.

I'm also going to set up a website in the future to show photo's and stories from our adventures here in the Philippines. Maybe some video clips also. This is in the back of my mind so a lot of thought is going into it. Every place we leave our footprint there should be Jesus in the footprint, So the world will see Jesus and what he is doing.

This Saturday things went well. The first feeding in Eden we had 53 children and 2 moms. The second feeding we had 42 children, Plus we had a Bible study with 4 mom's. The bible study goes on while the feeding goes on. Things are looking up more people every week hear about Christ. that is what we are here for. Some time in the future there will be a church started. The first steps have been taken, there are two bible studies in Eden every week. One on Tuesday evening and one on Thursday evening. Because I don't speak Bisaya my wife does most of the teaching. If it wasn't for the church we go to in Toril we would not be able to reach these children and the adults. The teens are teaching the children with music and lessons. While the adults are learning about Jesus at the same time.


My wife Helen and I are here in the Philippines. We both are retired and helping reach others for CHRIST.
Eden, Toril, Davao City.